How to Book 如何租车
  • Make a reservaiton on website 在网页上预约
  • Confirmation number weill be sent by email 通过电子邮件收到确认号码(Confirmation Number)
  • You can check by email or log in on the top right 您可以确认电子邮件或者登录“我的预约”查看(右上角)
  • Airport : visit Nissan Rent a car desk in Guam Airport 机场:前往日产租车机场工作柜台
    or Waiting on hotel lobby and goes to Nissan office 或者在酒店等待日产租车工作人员接送到市内的办公室
  • Sign the contract and get the car 签租车合同,拿到车辆
  • Fill gas and return the car back to office or Guam Airport office 加满油然后还车到市内办公点,或者机场办公柜台。
  • Guam Airport office ( 24 hour open) or Upper Tumon office ( 08:00 to 17:00 Mon ~ Fri)关岛机场办公室(24小时运营),杜梦市内办公室( 8:00 至 17:00 周一 ~ 周五)
Insurance 保险

Rental Coverage and Options 租赁范围和条件
Rental customers have an option of choosing three types of protection: CDW, PAI, SUP(Reduce deductible to zero) 有三种保险可供租车客人选择:CDW行车碰撞险(500美金免赔上限),PAI,SUP(全保,全免赔)

CDW – Collision Damage Waiver Protection (per day) CDW碰撞损伤免赔险(每日)
CDW $500 Ded.价钱???
CDW $0 Ded 价钱???
Collision Damager Waiver Limits of Liability - 3rd party coverage: Bodily Injury 保人- $100,000.00 maximum for each person and $300,000.00 for any one accident. Property Damage – $50,000.00 maximum for any one accident.CDW(collision Damage Waiver)车辆碰撞保险 - 第三方保险,保人最高达$100,000.00, 对事故(一次)免赔额最高达$300,000.00,财产损失免赔额最高达$50,000.00(事故一次)???

CDW protection coverage is mandatory for all cash paying customers and optional if paying by credit card. CDW保险规定现金支付的,并可选择信用卡支付???

Customers have the option of choosing CDW with a $500 deductible which excludes damages to the rims & tires, or accepting CDW with a (zero) $0 deductible which covers damages to the rims & tires. ?????

Customers without CDW protection are liable for the full repair and/or replacement cost of the rental vehicle. 如果客户没有买CDW保险,有责任负担发生事故时的租借车辆发生的所用修理费用

PAI – Personal Accident Insurance ($12.00 per day) P.A.I ( Personal Accident Insurance ) 乘客人身保险 ($12.00/天)
Content Security 保险内容
Principal 主要
Passenger / Person 乘客 / 个人
Death 死亡
Medical Expenses 医疗费

Niatari accident compensation up to $ 300,000 to a maximum amount (Maximum Total Benefits for any one accident) 事故最高赔偿达 $300,000(事故一次)

Medical and Ambulance expenses are limited to injuries sustained while operating or riding as a passenger while using a vehicle belonging to Nissan Rent A Car. 医疗费仅适用于驾驶日产租车公司车辆的乘客。

Guam seat belt and child restraint law.关岛安全带和儿童安全法。
Guam Public Law 30-33, which took effect Jan. 1,2010 requires car seats and booster seats for children younger than 12 years. Under the law, children younger than 4 must be secured in a child restraint system while traveling in vehicles. Children ages 4 to 11 who are less than 4 feet 9 inches tall should be secured in a booster seat. 根据关岛公法 30-33,历时2010年一月一号生效,12岁以下的儿童必须坐加高安全座椅(car seats/booster seats)。根据公法,驾车时小于4岁的儿童必须坐在约束系统座椅。大于4岁小于11岁,身高低于4尺9英寸的儿童必须坐在加高座椅上。

* MILEAGE: No Charge 车辆行驶英里数:不追加收费。
* GAS: Vehicle goes out with a full tank of gas and must return with a full tank of gas. If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank of gas, customers will be charged according to Nissan's prevailing rate at the time of rental. 汽油:乘客规定在返还租车车辆之前加满油,如果没有加满油的情况下,日产会根据现行汇率计算油费并与乘客清算。
* CHILD SEAT: $6.00 per day. Subject to availability. 儿童座椅:$6.00/天。视情况而定。
* ADDITIONAL DRIVERS: $5.00 per person per rental contract. Maximum of 3 additional drivers per rental contract. 追加驾驶者: 签租车合同是,按每人另外追加$5.00清算。最多可追加3个驾驶者。
* AGE LIMIT OF DRIVERS: Minimum rental age is 21 years old with a valid driver's license. 年龄限制: 必须年满21周岁并拥有有效驾照。
* All airport rentals are subject to 机场租车费用如下:
Airport Concession Recovery Fee 11.11% 机场税 11.11%
$.50 cents per day Customer Facility Charge 设施使用费50美分/天
$3.00 charge per day for vehicle registration recovery fee.车辆登记费用$3.00/天

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